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Top Tips for Your Best Outdoor Yoga Practice this Summer

Pack the essentials

  • Sunscreen. Sun salutations are great, but sun damage is a different story. Even when the sun's not shinning, up to 80% of the sun's UV rays can pass through the clouds. Protect your skin with sunscreen and protective lip balms. We recommend using eco-friendly, certified organic, mineral sunscreens and balms like those from COOLA.  

  • H20. Stay hydrated during class with a bottle of water or even an iced-coffee!  

  • Yoga Strap.  A yoga strap, like our unfold Manduka strap is lightweight and useful, making it the perfect travelling companion. Bulky blocks and bolsters however, should be left at home.

Bring a friend

Practicing with friends can improve you asanas and your friendship. 

Double the Motivation. You're much less likely to skip out on practice after a tough day at the office or a late night out if you are practicing with a friend. Plus, you can motivate each other through (or laugh off) tough sequences. 

Share Your Zen. Sharing energy with others during meditation and yoga helps us improve our own experience. 

Partner Poses. Try a partner assisted pose like Boat pose (Navasana) together and stretch your hamstrings while you strengthen your core. Or hold hands during Tree pose (Vriksasana). 

Don’t be afraid to get off your mat

Use Your Surroundings. Grass and sand are nature’s yoga mats. New textures allow you to grip the ground in different ways, and can add a whole new dimension to your practice.

Look around for things that can take the place of your props. A tree can give you stability when practicing inversions, or you can hold it to deepen your twists.

Practice Mindfulness

Center Yourself. Living in the moment is easy when you’re in a quiet, comfortable place. Moving your mat outdoors exposes you to new sounds, people, and experiences. Outdoor yoga helps you learn to be centered in unfamiliar spaces.

Practice staying present, even amidst friendly dogs, playing children, and car horns. Alternate nostril breathing (Nadi Shodhana) is a great way to focus your attention inward. Learn how to practice Nadi Shodhana here! 


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