Private, personalized wellness services brought to your doorstep.

Private Yoga

Receive the one-on-one attention you deserve, fit yoga into your busy schedule, or plan a memorable activity with those closest to you. 

Experience your ideal class, when, and where you want. We travel to you and bring everything you need. New to yoga? We'll help you figure out what style of yoga is best suited to you. 


A variety of fluid mat-based movement styles, including slow flow, power flow, and PranaVayu. Our vinyasa classes can be modified for beginners, kids, and expectant mothers. Breathe. Strengthen. Energize.  

Restorative & Yin

A primarily mat-based class designed to soothe tired muscles and release tension. Props are used to support the body and promote maximum relaxation. The yogic prescription to high-stress living. Release. Rejuvenate. Restore. 


A personalized approach to meditation. 

Guided Meditation

Experience the blissful benefits of Aria's Guided Meditation services from mantra-based meditation, to relaxing body scans (nyasa and yoga nidra). These practices may be combined with gentle movement to calm the physical body and breathing techniques to soothe an agitated mind.   

Meditation Instruction

Receive personalized one-on-one instruction on a variety of meditation styles, including mantra-based meditation, mindfulness practices, Shamatha meditation, and Tonglen. These practices may be combined with gentle movements and breathing techniques.    

Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness activities are fun team-building experiences, whether you are offering a regularly scheduled fitness perk to your employees, are looking to add an activity to a management retreat, or want to kick-off a new project.

Founded by a physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and a former corporate lawyer, Aria offers unparalleled options for improving your company's atmosphere and energy. We have insight and experience channeling the power of yoga + meditation to reduce stress, improve mental stamina, and increase physical strength. The result is a more productive, focused, creative, and dedicated workforce. Learn more about Why It Pays To Invest in Corporate Wellness. Our corporate offerings are tailored to individual business needs, wellness budgets, and may include any combination of the services below.


Improve your company's atmosphere and energy with onsite yoga. We offer a variety of styles of yoga, from vinyasa to restorative and chair yoga. Classes can be held in conference rooms, outdoor spaces, gyms, or in open concept office spaces -- no matter what your office space is, yoga can be done anywhere. Yoga classes can be purchased a la carte or in a weekly, monthly, or quarterly series.


Empower your employees with personalized, content-driven workshops on yoga or meditation. Learn the latest clinical research on the benefits of meditation and how it works. Develop hands-on skills with basic chair yoga sequencing and breath exercises to prepare the body for meditation. All workshops are lead by Aria's co-founders, Sid Govindan, M.D. and Elisar Hares, ESQ. 


Meditation reduces stress, improves concentration, decreases blood pressure and hypertension, lowers cholesterol levels, and increases production of the anti-aging hormone DHE. Our corporate meditation series give participants an opportunity to implement regular mediation routines. We offer 30 minute Guided Meditation sessions on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

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